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A mysterious orginization even strong then the akatsuki has sudden set their sites on destroying the world. Can the combined might of the aktasuki and the villages stop them?
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 The Insanity Clan

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Name:Has no real name just its insane
History:clan's history is very simple it was tested when they needed a last resort for a weapon. here is the information.

Journal History

Day 1: Today is a proad day to the village of the rock we have made a liquid that if injected it could could turn the body into a weapon of power. We gather subjects who offered toassist in the program the names of which were Ryu, Saya and Riku. Riku is of our orginazation. It is almost night we get ready to inject the liquid. It is now pitch black the liquid has been injected into the subjects so far nothing has been revieled we wait till day two.

Day 2: it is day two they are showing signs one is showing signs of death it is Riku we must have put too much in him it is a sad day for him. As for the rest they live Saya is already able to construct a weapon out of materials around here like a metal shard and broken glass into a steel kunai. It seems that the liquid has made a new bloodline and can construct weapons out of broken junk and in tact items. it even seems that the eyes are changing into 10 black rings. The Scientists leave. Till day three.

Day 3: IT is day three and the liquid shows imense power we lost 10 of our men trying to hold them back. Riku dies 5 minutes after the 5th man dies. The tests show the liquid is too powerful and they are all in state of death. Scientists pack up and leave the subjects still lay. on day Four i will date the day the subjects die. TOday in history we lost elleven people and tomorrow possibly two more.

Day 4: It is day four if you are reading this is my last words. THe subjects that we thought were dead and are now alive it seems the liquid trigures the chakra and aplifies it to an ultimate amount of chakra t where it is visable like the eyes the essance shows up in black rings. They will go normal but they must not populate this gene. If you are reading this kill them. Well I must say bye these are my last words.


later on a kage found the journal and burned it thinking it was false so now the clan lives on still with no name

Clan Symbol:The Insanity Clan 363646702_2d00eaf2b2

Clan Skills:construct a wepon out of junk or in tact items and trigure an amount of chakra to the point of visablity

Clan Weaknesses:when the eye is activate you go insane and you can't stop what you are doing so it could be critical. the chakra barier can be broken easily
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aproved un less some one says other wise.
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The Insanity Clan
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