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A mysterious orginization even strong then the akatsuki has sudden set their sites on destroying the world. Can the combined might of the aktasuki and the villages stop them?
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 Aisu the Ninja of Pure Insanity

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PostSubject: Aisu the Ninja of Pure Insanity   Aisu the Ninja of Pure Insanity Icon_minitimeSun Aug 23, 2009 11:12 pm

Name:Aisu (last name is unkown but has a second name for her other personality) Oniki

Age(Need to atleast be 15):18

Rank Need a good rp sample to have higher ranks:S-Rank Missing NInja

Bio(Must be atleast 1 paragraph of 6 sentences): Aisu was a child born of the bloodline of insanity. The clans family name was not known. she left her village after killing her sensei and her family.

Clan(You dont need one):Clan of insanity aka atamagaokashii (insane)

Starting element:Fire (aisu) Water (Oniki)


Rp Sample(Only need if you want rank abouve gennin):Lucella is found walking through the streets of the Tide village. As she is walking it appears that she stands about almost five feet and 4 inches tall and weighs about one hundred ten pounds. She wares an eye patch over her right eye as the eye patch is black there is an image of a silver skull on the patch. Her left eye glistens in the color of bright blue the color of a clear ocean. Just like an ocean you could see your reflection from her right eye.

Her hair changed colors or rather it looked like it does. When she is in the sun light her hair looks of a shade of blue and when she stands in the dark her hair fades to purple. Her skin tan and also some what pale as she wares garments of a long sleeve shirt that is green and similar to a military unit clothing. She also wares a green skirt to match her top but a black belt with a silver skull on it just like on her eye patch lay strapped around her hip at a forty degree angle.

Her shoes matched her eye patch and belt accept there were silver skulls on both sides of the shoes and they looked similar to ninja shoes those her were as black as night. She carried a weapon similar to a pitch fork wrapped around in a white covering around her back the covering looked almost like a strong type of gauze. She stops in her tracks and looks around to see if anyone is following her. She sighs and walks on looking at the sky of the area and thinking about the battle between her and the old kage.

I can't help but think the old kage knew who I was...maybe thats why my files were erased and no one knew of me. The only thing I don't get is why I still choose to be evil and side against the new kage is it that it's my destiny to go against or is there something more to this. Well I need to find out so my first stop will be to head to the office and look through files and see if I can find mine. If theres still evidence it can help me find out why this is happening...

Lucella stops in her tracks then suddenly runs forward towards the village's office to find out information. As she is running the day shortens as it is night. As it shows in the night her left eye glows through the path to lead the way. By the time she makes it to the steps of the office all is clear and no one is around. She slowly unlocks the door and with a soft click sound she is in. She walks to the files with determination to find her name in the files. She unlocks the droor and flings open the file cabinet as the sound of a loud bang is heard.

Lucella looks to the left then to the right panicking that someone heard the sound but all was silent still. She looked under the file of Dokuro and there it was in bold letters her name Lucella Dokuro. Lucella grabbed the file and closed up the cabinet and locked the droor and left with the files in her hand. As she exited the door she locked the door and ran towards her house to examine the file she now had possession of hoping no one would know that the file was missing. By the time she got to her house it was almost morning.

Lucella walks up to her steps and unlocks her door as she flings open her door it makes a loud thud noise against the siding of the house. She enters the door and slams the door shut closing her door and placing a blanket over the windows to make the area dark in her room. As she sits down she opens up the file to see to her surprise she reads the words Deceased in big bold black letters thats when everything made sense. She closed up the file put it away and took down the blankets.

She then sits back on the ground and just thinks for a moment. thats the reason they for got me because they knew I wouldn't last long with the akatsuki! Well then ill take them down one at a time secretly but none the less one at a time. The kage won't even see this coming it will be like playing a mere game of chess...a game I will win. Now that thats settled I think I might rest I really am tired from doing all that running around. Lucella lays on the ground sound asleep as the sun glows brighter she still sleeps.

Lucella wakes up and yawns as she walks out side to see that its quite. She sits on the steps and smiles as she hears the birds twitter and sing in harmony. She smiles because as of now her goal is to kill of the village discreetly and unoticed. She stretches and gets up and heads back in the house to prepare the weapons on how to kill the village.

Note: Sannin is only a title. You can have your character be sannin but that does not mean that you are better hten any other jounin or ninja it just means that you are the cheif summoner of a creature contact.
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PostSubject: Re: Aisu the Ninja of Pure Insanity   Aisu the Ninja of Pure Insanity Icon_minitimeSun Aug 23, 2009 11:12 pm

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Aisu the Ninja of Pure Insanity
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