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A mysterious orginization even strong then the akatsuki has sudden set their sites on destroying the world. Can the combined might of the aktasuki and the villages stop them?
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 Tsuna Musashi

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PostSubject: Tsuna Musashi   Tsuna Musashi Icon_minitimeMon Aug 24, 2009 2:16 am

Name:Tsuna Musashi

Appearance:Tsuna Musashi Neroreinkest

Age(Need to atleast be 15):17

Rank Need a good rp sample to have higher ranks: Special Jounin

Bio(Must be atleast 1 paragraph of 6 sentences):Tsuna lived a normal life at least normal for a ninja until he joined the academy where he quickly learned the tools of the trade of killing he was proclaimed a genius had techniques and skills many ninja would never be able to do in their entire lifetimes yet Tsuna was laid back and uninterested in being a genius he just wanted to fight stronger people maybe travel the world he passed through the genin and chuunin ranks within months his fighting skill grew everytime he fought with stronger opponents he was becoming a true ninja quickly now he simply does what ever he wishes he carries out his missions when need but othe then that he does anything he wants to a certain extent

Clan(You dont need one):Musashi

Starting element:Earth


Rp Sample(Only need if you want rank abouve gennin):random Rp sample ^^ enjoy

Tsuna was walking back to his home where his mother and his long time friend Aidae were he was holding several flowers as he smiled and whistled the sun shinder down upon his face like it was a sign from above telling him it was ok the day had been nice with cooling breezes passing by even as he thought to himelf now a breeze blew by lifting his scarf up slightly he knew today was his day he would tell Aidae how he really felt about her how he had felt for years and years now as they had grown up his attraction to her had grown more but he had never had the courage to tell her but after compeleting hi first A rank mission he knew he had the guts to tell her "what kind of guy would i be to face the danger of death everyday yet not have the guts to tell the girl i love how i truly fee?" Tsuna thought to himself he grinned lightly at his thoughts he was calm and cool on the outside but inside he was a tempest of emotions swirling around he stopped outside of his home trying to gather the courage to go in and tell Aidae how he truly felt but obviously he stopped and tried to think of what to say and when the right thoughts didnt come out he began to panic "what was i thinking im gonna go tell her how i feel oh man im such an idiot! what if she says she doesnt like me that way or tells me she has another love?!? ugh......." he talked to himself quietly as he sat down against the wall of his own home to afraid to go inside

As Tsuna sat aganst the wall unknown to him was the fact that five men had snuck into his home and had trapped Aidae and his mother within a room with no escape as they came closer forming a small circle around the two of them Aidae struck out wth her left fist and hit one ofthe men in the solar plexus "get back!" she yelled loudly the man stumbled back trying to breath but the blow had hurt quite a bit and she hit just right forcing the air out of him "hey now what am i missng in here?" all seven heads snapped to the door way where Tsuna leaned against one side smiling "Tsuna!" Aidae yelled happily and smiled thinking everything was going to be ok now that he had arrived the leader of the group looked at Tsuna but he could sense nothing from him but what he could see and what he saw was an arrogant child "use the women as hostages" he told the other four men how went for them right away but by the time they even turned back to the women Tsuna was standing there holding a kunai in one hand and a katana in the other hetilts his head to the side smiling making it seem mocking "you may leave now and i'll let you live but if you dont im going to kill you when you attack me" Tsuna told them calmly Aidae was a bit unnerved to hear her long time friend say such a thing and stared at his back

"Kill him!" the leader shouted one of the four men obeyed right away taking a step he drew out a kunai ony to find it no longer in his hand and with three of his fingers mssing the second he had moved Tsuna had sent an invisible chakra wave at the mans hand he cried out as blood spurted from his bloody stumps the second man to move foward to heal his comrade found Tsuna right in front of him with a slow slash he cut the mans shoulder down tothe bone sending him back "i offer you the chance to leave once more" Tsuna said quietly as Aidae watched him in shock was this really her friend that she had played house with and made mud pies with was this savage really her friend? she thought to herself the leader knowing they were outclassed yelled once more "get the women he cant fight if we have them!" a man leaped for them only to find Tsuna in front of him with a single slash he cut the man's achilles heels causing him to drop to the floor Tsuna then stabbed the man in the wrists so he could no longer hold a weapon for as long as he lived "just to make sure you dont kill yourself by biting off your tounge" he forces the mans mouth open and cuts his tounge out with his katana "those who attack me shall recieve death" he looks at the four still standing his eyes darkened giving him a demonic look "those who attack the women shall recieve pain and suffering like that man there"

Aidae almost threw up the lunch Tsuna's mother had made for her watching what he was doing "how could this be who was this?!? this isnt the Tsuna i know and love what is going on when did he turn into a monstrous savage?" Aidae cried silently for her friend whomshe did not now any more ""dear god he's a monster!" the leader declared before running out of the house his men quickly following leaving their injured and crippled comrade behind Tsuna sheathed his katana and then threw the kunai into the chest of the crippled man he hadnt wanted to do any of those things but he couldnt protect the women and fight at the samne time in such a small room he had to make the men realize hurting them would come at the highest price he turned to his mother and Aidae "are you oka-" but before he could ask Aidae slapped him her tears ran down her face freely "y-your a monster a savage get away from me we arent friends stay away!" Aidae words stung Tsuna deeply he had come here to tell her he loved her and now she hated him what could he say to make it better? nothing Aidae pushed past him and ran home crying he looked at his mother who didnt say a word but gave him a knowing look telling him with that single look she understood what he had done for the two of them she ran forward and hugged him gently hugged her back she cries onto his shoulder then speaks up "im sorry for what hapened with Aidae Tsuna she is young and doesnt understand but she will on day" she smiles and gives Tsuna a motherly look he just nods slowly "i hope so mother....." he says quietly as he feels a breeze come in through the open door Aidae ran out of gently blowing his scarf around him

END ^^

Note: Sannin is only a title. You can have your character be sannin but that does not mean that you are better hten any other jounin or ninja it just means that you are the cheif summoner of a creature contact

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PostSubject: Re: Tsuna Musashi   Tsuna Musashi Icon_minitimeMon Aug 24, 2009 2:23 am

Once your custom clan gets approved your approved.
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Tsuna Musashi
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