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A mysterious orginization even strong then the akatsuki has sudden set their sites on destroying the world. Can the combined might of the aktasuki and the villages stop them?
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 kiyata clan

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PostSubject: kiyata clan   Sun Aug 23, 2009 11:57 pm

Name: kiyata

History: the clan has histoy but its not much. they came out of know where. the oldest member is a 96 year old women who was rescued from dieing of heat stroke. she had 2 children an they only have two there own. making a max of 7 members of this clan alive at this time. the 2 secon oldest are in there 60s while the other 4 are in their 20s two boys two girls. the oldest being kazuma. hes not the most smartest in the clan but hes the most skilled in thinking of new jutsu an hes tends to hog them all to his self. commonly the members of the clan use the soft metal mercury to manip.

Clan Symbol: three symbols. each meaning metal

Clan Skills:they have a highned mental abilitys that alowls them to manip metal by thinking about it. but also with draw back the toughter the metal its harder to manip. but its its a soft metal its like water to them. iron an steel are hard to bend but they are able to stops an oject made of thies metals (like senbon swords, kunai and shurinken). bends iron or steel takes to much time an contitation they tend to do it out of battle. one of there more usful skills is they can sense metal when it comes at them or they get close to a deposit like a sonar in there head. the harder the metal the stronger the sonar can be to them. they do need to have a large amount of chakra in order to keep up the stamina to hold all the metal they carry. thie abilly of theres only works with in a 2 mile area. say hey drop a vial of iron dust an they walk 5 miles away from it. they would have to run 3 miles back in order to call it to them. (by call i mean manip it to them.)

Clan Weaknesses: well one it depends on the clan member each has there own weakness.
kazumas weakness is being wet for to long. if he is in water for a long time. or by a large amount an he starts to get a massive head ache that stops his conitration on the metal he is manipulating. dew to this weakness he tends to have alot of advil on him at all times an other medical items to stop headaches.
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PostSubject: Re: kiyata clan   Mon Aug 24, 2009 12:05 am

I dont see anything wrong with this approved unless anyone says otherwise
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kiyata clan
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