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A mysterious orginization even strong then the akatsuki has sudden set their sites on destroying the world. Can the combined might of the aktasuki and the villages stop them?
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 sonja sliverblade

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sonja silverblade

sonja silverblade

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PostSubject: sonja sliverblade   Mon Aug 24, 2009 10:47 am

Name: Sonja slilverblade

Age(Need to atleast be 15): 19

Rank Need a good rp sample to have higher ranks:

Bio(Must be atleast 1 paragraph of 6 sentences): Brought up alone she drew her skills from watching people around her then at an early age she found her chacra and fine tunes her skil learning how to chanell it and control it but at the same time she learned her sword skills

Clan(You dont need one): Dosen't have one is a wanderer

Starting element: Earth

Village/orginiazgation: not affiliated yet with one.

Rp Sample(Only need if you want rank abouve gennin):

Jacqueline sat on the ground she slipped off her shoe gently moving her toes as she did “thank goodness not broken just sprained “she said softly she saw his eyes looking or rather staring at her wings and sighed knowing way must be going threw his mind “before you ask no I am not half albino-hippogriff or something.” She said as slowly and painfully she stood back up hobbling to a stone seat “I don’t know what I am I got these when I turned 17, and yes they are real" she said sitting down hard, she tried of explaining to people that they were real “I came from England, I worked there for several years, my employers wife didn’t like the stumps I had before the wings came and saw them as evil so forced me to leave “she said sadly.

Looking at the sky she smiled as she watched Mother Nature’s display. Reaching into a pouch she had hung at her side she slipped out a small sketch pad and began to sketch the pencil gliding over the once white paper leaving an image. Soon the night sky lay on the paper just as clear as if a camera had taken it.

There in the corner she had drawn a figure staring up at the sky, its gaze fixed on the view that lay in front of him, his hair blown back behind him as he watched, his hand resting gently on the stone wall in front as the moon cast its shadow on the land below and the lake that stretched out beyond. The mans face fixed but gentle as if contemplating the heavens them selves.

Finishing she blew the extra carbon from it and sighed as she looked down at the finished picture. Her ankle now felt less swollen and more like an ankle again.
“May I ask a question Jared? Are you a painter?” she asked.

As she slowly turned her head to look at him, her golden blond hair felling over her shoulders as her blue eyes looked at him, taking in each feature so she could copy it down onto paper, when she returned to her room after the shower. She could feel the throb of her ankle as she sat but chose to ignore it for the moment as she looked at him she had not missed a detail in her rendering of him in the picture she had done and she smiled.

Note: Sannin is only a title. You can have your character be sannin but that does not mean that you are better hten any other jounin or ninja it just means that you are the cheif summoner of a creature contact.

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PostSubject: Re: sonja sliverblade   Mon Aug 24, 2009 10:52 am

join my orginazation
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PostSubject: Re: sonja sliverblade   Mon Aug 24, 2009 11:01 am

Approved vi
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sonja sliverblade
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