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A mysterious orginization even strong then the akatsuki has sudden set their sites on destroying the world. Can the combined might of the aktasuki and the villages stop them?
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 Musashi clan

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PostSubject: Musashi clan   Musashi clan Icon_minitimeMon Aug 24, 2009 2:37 am

Name:Musashi clan

History:The Musashi clan is newly formed its full amount of members unknown at this time Tsuna's father Miyamoto Musashi formed the clan by taking over every Musashi family and forming them together as one they now all live within the mist village striving to make their clan known throughout the world and show their strength

Clan Symbol: Musashi clan Clan_Symbols

Clan Skills:The Musashi clan has many small differences to others but the main one would be their bodies within the Musashi clan some are born with certain genetics that allow their heart to beat five hundred times the normal heart rate this pump massive amounts of adrenline through their system making things seem slower to them making their reaction time much faster then a normal ninja's also very few are born with it but there are the knowing eyes that can see through illusions not break them but it does tell them them that they are illusions making them easier to break

Clan Weaknesses:after exiting the super induced adrenline state everything thing seems to go faster o the user making it had to get a grasp of things once again it takes some time to brings things back to normal
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PostSubject: Re: Musashi clan   Musashi clan Icon_minitimeMon Aug 24, 2009 9:57 am

it seems ok.... >.> approved
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Musashi clan
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